From CAN Board of Directors & Youth Management Board

Welcome its exciting time for CAN that has positioned itself to Listen, Learn and Lead in identifying the needs to strengthen the wider sector for the Life of children and young people, across multiple geographical settings in the West Midlands (Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley & Birmingham). We want to ensure that children and young people are at the heart of the decision making, design, development, delivery and dissemination of services, that matter most to them. We aim to support and strengthen the sector to bridge the gap to support children and young people to accelerate their personal growth, for them to be ambitious and aspirational.


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CAN is a multi-layered organisation that supports the development of children & young people to reach their full potential through Cultural Education, Creative Practice & Civic Leadership as a catalyst for cultural, social and economic change.

Our mission is to support children and young people facing multiple and complex disadvantages to have the right to access new experiences and opportunities to live a fulfilling life, that builds a brighter future in the Black Country (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall & Wolverhampton) and the surrounding areas of Birmingham.

"A one-stop- organisation for realising creative dreams & goals"

To achieve our mission, we have set five core goals/service delivery:

Children & Young People can access & engage in arts, culture, heritage, media & sport.
Children & Young People can engage in education, employment & volunteering.
Children & Young People can access recreational & leisure time provision.
Children & Young People become motivated, self-aware, receptive, resilient, responsible, confident, and good communicators.
Children & Young People can access support, advice & training in their local community.

"We believe it is important we get the foundation just right to raise the aspirations, ambitions and achievements of children and young people locally and nationally"

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Our Methodology

We have developed a ABCDE blueprint approach that allows us to adapt to accelerate the best ways to connect people, place, partners, power, provision, principles and price!

Asset Human Centred

Our approach focuses on young people (and their communities), understanding their needs, requirements, strengths and potential. We organise our programmes and activity around our participants and their lived experience; working flexibly to curate bespoke opportunities we build sustainable development of people by continuing to listen to those we engage with.


This method uses the community’s own assets and resources as the basis for development. It thus empowers people by encouraging everyone to utilise what they already possess, while also growing knowledge and building ambition to achieve more.

Behaviour Change

We believe healthy behaviour change occurs when we provide reliable and continued learning and participation opportunities. This is especially effective when combined with the creation of a supportive social environment that listens to and takes action from the voices of young people.    


We take time to continue to understand (and learn from) young people in our local communities and persistently work hard to make our programmes accessible to all.


TimeThis work takes time. It takes time to build trusting relationships and find common purpose. This work can’t be rushed.
Care: This work is based on human relationships and often takes place in complex settings, with people facing multiple challenges and usually with limited resources. We have to prioritise caring for each other, ourselves and the process.
TrustHonesty is key for building transparent, honest relationships where we can learn, share and grow together. Within the environments we create, everyone involved should feel listened to, heard and comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas.
RespectWe respect the difference of experience, knowledge and opinions of everyone in the room equally.
ProcessOur work focusseon the process of cocreation. This is not to say the service/product (when there is one) that a cocreated process leads to is not often of equal importance. However, our primary focus is on the process of cocreation and the impacts this process has on the people involved, as well as the resulting services/products made.
RiskWe celebrate risk and failure. Sharing our failures and what hasn’t worked is the best way for us to learn more about our own approaches and to help others in our sector to learn as well.
ReflectionWe work iterativelyincorporating critical thinking and reflection into our practice and ensure we continually capture and evaluate what we are doing. We test ideas, share our process with others and encourage dialogue and feedback. We recognise the importance of reflection time so we can constantly learn and improve what we do.
GenerosityOpenness, transparency and generosity with others in the sector and our communities is key to our work.

Development Journey

CAN builds relationships across Sandwell and the Black Country to give young people a variety of opportunities to Get Involved in sports, arts, personal development and social action programmes.


Young people are empowered to take action to Give Back to their communities and are supported to Grow and Learn personally, emotionally and professionally. Through these experiences we know young people Gain Independence and become socially conscious, critically thinking, active members of society.

Embedded Systems

CAN’s work is founded upon the belief that children and young people have the lived experience and expertise to identify, prioritise and lead the action necessary to effect change.


We envision a community, a ‘CAN family’, that empowers local youth to live with pride and purpose, building strength, resilience and dignity so negative perceptions are replaced by the sound of organising, collaboration, song, laughter and learning

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Meet the CAN Team!

We are a collaborative team that has a matrix approach towards the Insight, Intent, Implementation and Impact of all our services and projects.


All responsibilities are fluid across CAN that will allow all directors, youth management, staff,

volunteers, associates to play an active part in the life of CAN.

Jerrel Jackson – Chief Creative & Changemaker (CEO)

Truchio Powell – Chief Marketing

Vishalakshi Roy – Chief Business

Rachel Cole – Finance Manager

Nikki Genner – Creative Development Producer

Jamaine Brown – Community & Citizenship Connector

Alex Williams – Creative Connector

Rochelle Mightly – Creative Education Connector

Leah Burgess – Children & Young People Connector (Maternity)

Lee Mills – Creative Content Connector

Vacant – Change Mentor

Vacant – Change Mentor

Kimberliegh Logam – Creative & Community Shaper

Katelyn Spiers – Communication & Campaigns Shaper

Tia Chana – Creative Play Enabler

Callum Bromley – Physical Activity Enabler

Vinay Patel – Physical Activator

Taylor Eden – Creative Play Activator

  Naheeda Akhtar – Creative Play Activator

Jordan Harrison – Physical Activator

Dylan Andrews – Physical Activator

Suraj Parekh – Physical Activator

Luca Bratt – Physical Activator

  Andre Bartley – Physical Activator

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"CAN is always growing each day, but it is very inspiring to imagine the future of the sector and the region that has children and young people at the heart of it"